Sell your college text books

Did you know there are other places where you can sell your used college textbooks for probably a better price your college bookstore may provide you? Listed below are some companies you can search online that can provide you information on selling your college textbooks:

  1. Book Scouter,
  2. Cash 4 Books
  3. Sell Back Your Book
  4. Valore Books
  6. Sell Back Books
  7. BookByte
  8. BooksIntoCash
  10. Bigwords (provides prices comparisons for used books)
  11. Blue Rectangle
  12. CKYBooks
  13. BetterWorldBooks
  14. Textbook Buyer
  16. CollegeSmarts
  17. eCampus
  19. TextBook Rush
  20. Amazon (contact them for info)
  21. Barans and Noble (business textbooks)
  22. eBay
  24. Facebook Marketplace
  25. Craigslist
  26. Chegg Books
  27. Uloop

Recycle Income for Broken or Old Appliances

You may be able to obtain as much as $50 for your broken refrigerator! Old appliances may be eligible for recyclable cash or a rebate. Check with your State and City Programs to find out if they offer appliance recycling cash or rebates for old appliances. Some of the State that have some type of program are: An energy company called APS in Arizona, the State of New Mexico and an energy company called PNM. In North and South Carolina, a company called Duke Energy; PPL in Kentucky; CPS Energy offers up to $65 for your broken refrigerator; the company Ameren provides cash for Missouri and Illinois through their ActOnEnergy program; Focus on Energy company in Wisconsin; Efficiency United in Michigan; Duke Energy company in Indiana and Ohio; Vectren Corporation in Odaho and Indiana; Imperial Irrigation District (IID) in Imperial, California; Energy Trust of Oregon in Oregon; Con Edison in New York City; Public Service Enterprise Group in Long Island; City of Fort Collins, Fort Collins, CO; Mass Save in Massachusetts.